Buffalo Racing Festival

(Cheer up for Buffaloes)

     The Buffalo racing festival is the most celebrated cultural tradition of the Chonburi province in Thailand. The festival held annually for more than 140 years. It originated as a way to express appreciation to the buffaloes after they worked for the farmers throughout the year. Today, this festival includes a number of interesting activities such as the most healthy buffalo contest, buffalo fashion contest for reminding the farmers of the importance of their buffaloes.

     In preparation for the race event, the buffaloes go through strict training regimes and special diets to ensure they are in good condition to compete. This festival also involves the Miss Buffalo pageant, a title name that may not sound flattering but is esteemed and strongly desires by young women in Chonburi. As with any other Thai festivals, food stalls, rides and music concerts are plentiful in the evenings.