Red Lotus lake, Udon Thani


Red Lotus lake, Udon Thani

Image credit: Georgios Kaleadis


     "Han" is the name of this lake where consists of aquatic plants, birds, and fishes. In winter, Han will be covered with millions of red lotus flowers which make it becomes a spectacular place to visit.

     This area has two types of lotus "Ubon Chart" or Bua Saey (which covered most of the area) and "Pratum Chart" Bua Luang. The bloom of these lotus depending on the weather. They will start to open their blooms during the night time, just to be ready to catch the first sunlight in the next morning. The bloom of red lotus will stay open for few hours in the morning, then start to close slowly following the heat and the strongness of the sunlight.



      Due to the picturesque beauty when the striking lotus flowers are in full bloom, the lake has been named as one of the world’s strangest lakes.

     Pink lotus flowers spread across the water like a blanket, with narrow channels cleared through the flowers to allow small boats to pass through with ease. There are a number of small islands in the lake, some with shrines and other places of spiritual interest.

     Small fishes swim through the waters as small birds playfully flitter around the boats. There are few water birds though; if you’re lucky, you may spot a heron, moorhen, duck, or other bird typically found close to water. The chances of spotting bird life are higher in the early mornings.




     In addition, there is also a scenic boat ride around 45 minutes - one hour, depending on type of the boat. There, you will see the diversity of the lotus that grows from the bottom of the lake through the surface of the water, fishes, and the lifestyle of fishermen which are very unique experience you will have.