Rocket Festival

(Boon Bang Fai) 
In the farming & agriculture communities of Isaan (north-eastern Thailand), rockets festival is an important event attended by entire villages before the planting season begins. The rockets are meant to encourage the gods to send plentiful rains to help growing the precious rice in their fields. The villagers are paraded around on the first day of the festival with their rockets before being launched into the air throughout the weekend. 
Supposedly, they are also gambled on who can build the best rocket, but considering gambling is illegal in Thailand. If any rocket fails to launch, the builders of that rocket will be thrown into a mud bath as punishment (in a funny way). The main rocket festival is in Yasothon Province, although many districts hold their own smaller rocket festivals. Live folk music, fastidious drinking of local rice wine, beauty pageants contest and a party atmosphere every rocket festivals.